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Predicting Europe's future leaders

We have partnered with Europe Elects - the continent's leading polling aggregator - to offer clients a comprehensive database of candidates and unrivalled insights into the 2024 European Parliament elections. 

Introducing our candidate finder app

Easily search or browse candidates

Europe Elects use thier experts across the EU to find out exactly when candidates are selected, adding them to our research tool in real-time. You can then find out who's in the running,

Get more than just names

Europe Elects use their polling aggregator to give a probability estimate of that candidate actually making it to Parliament. Where there's a decent chance they will, we provide contact and social media info too.

NGO access

Make your mark by mobilising your activists, and make sure they know exactly who to target. 

Corporate access

Get a start on understanding how the next generation of MEPs will affect your businesss.

Agency access

Save valuable time and help your clients reach the decision makers of tomorrow.

Media access

Help your team can stick to reporting the election itself, leaving the basic research to us. 

Bespoke research sercice

Three Six One and Europe Elects can also offer bespoke research services if you want to dive deep on how the EU elections could affect you. What do candidates think about your cause or sector in a particular country? What does public opinion say about them? How can you use that information to drive forward your priorities? We can help you answer those questions and prepare for what's next.

About the project

Since we’re named after the number of votes you need for an absolute majority in the European Parliament, we wanted to take a closer look at the people who will be casting those votes after the election.

Two thirds of the next Parliament is likely to be first-time MEPs, so understanding what motivates them and making friends early will be crucial for influencing policy in the next mandate.

Here’s how it works:

As political parties announce their candidate lists, we’ll be compiling names of the candidates from all the major parties, their contact details and links to their social media accounts. 

We will then apply the results of Europe Elects seat projectionpredictor algorithm, which will be based on the latest polling in all Member States, to that list, taking account of the electoral system in each country. The result will be a probability estimatepercentage change of any particular candidate becoming an MEP in the next institutional mandate. 

We’ll provide regular updates during the run up to the election; and once it’s over, we’ll be able to look at who actually gets elected and see how we did.

Three Six One clients will have access to the full dataset at no additional cost. But we’ll also make this service available to others for a fee through a dynamic lookup facility on our website. This will be constantly updated by Europe Elects when we get information on new candidates or polling. 


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