Our areas of specialist knowledge

We like to think we're pretty smart and can get to grips with most issues quickly. That said, our firm and its staff offer significant experience and expertise in certain sectors of the economy. These are some of the areas where we've worked before and have an established a track record, with policy wins under our belts. That said, we are happy to take on new challenges that align with our values.

Technology and AI

Our team has guided technology-driven companies across a wide range of applications through the EU legislative process. We have experience working for clients a range of high-profile legislative files over the last two terms. This includes the Digital Markets Act, Digital Services Act, General Data Protection Regulation, AI Act and the Copyright Directive. The EU is not yet done legislating in this area, with more proposals affecting the development of technology going likely in the future.

Trade and customs

Anyone trading goods and service across the EU's external borders will, at some point or another, come into contact with Europe's web of trade and customs policy. The EU institutions wield significant power in this area, leading on the negotiation of trade agreements and imposing rules on foreign subsidies, anti-dumping measures, carbon border taxes, sanctions and more. We have experience of a number of specific cases that centre on trade and customs policy and have a formidable network in both the EU Institutions and the World Customs Organisation.

Consumer policy

You would be surprised at the regulatory web behind almost every product on European shelves today; from food and wine to electronics. How Europeans shop is changing too, with regulation of e-commerce platforms and payment methods in a constant state of flux. Our team has experience across a wide range of consumer goods legislation, e-commerce and platform regulation, and payment services regulations, all of which are crucial to doing business in the EU.


Technology and the drive towards net zero have fundamentally upended European transport policy. The advent of ride-hailing applications and online third-party ticketing services has led to a regulatory revolution in how transport data is managed. The drive to reduce carbon emissions and achieve energy security means that public transport and electric vehicles are being encouraged over other means of getting around. We have experience at the front lines of the revolution in transport policy and regular contact with the decision makers who will determine its future.

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