How we can help

We use our extensive experience of working with the EU institutions and Member State government to drive policy change for clients. Every task is different - that's what makes this work so interesting - but theree are a number of common services that our clients typically need.

Legislative advocacy

The EU is, first and foremost, a legislator. Our team has decades of experience in seeing legislative files from conception by the European Commission, through the legislative procedures of the Parliament and Council, and into the interpretation that take place as new laws are implemented. We help you reach your goal through engagement with stakeholders and targeted communication campaigns both in Brussels and in the political capitals of the Member States. 

Trade and customs

Europe's trade policy happens in Brussels. Issues like tariffs, non-tariff barriers, customs classifications, direct foreign subsidies, sanctions and state aid are at the forefront of policymaking today and affect everyone. Our team can make sense of them and engage with the Commission and Member States to help get what you need from them. We also offer experience of influencing harmonised classification decisions taken by the World Customs Organisation.

Strategic planning

The word strategy is overused to the point where it lacks meaning. Our approach is different: we focus on sequences of proactive political positioning and reactive planning that should sit at the heart of an ongoing political and government relations strategy. Building or refining a strategic plan requires knowledge not only of Brussels, but of politics in the Member States; and this in turn shapes how we identify the core issues, define messaging priorities and work towards political compromise.

Trade associations

A well-run trade body acts as the go-to organisation for decision makers when they need information. A poorly run trade body is a waste of everyone's time. We have experience in creating and running trade bodies that are the former rather than the latter. Acting as the Secretariat and taking care of the administrative requirements aside, we will make sure your association has crisp messages and is the first name on a decision makers call sheet when there are decisions to be made.

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